The Wealthy Work Harder? Really?

Each week, 44% of the wealthy worked 11 hours more than the poor.

For those with full-time jobs:
86% of the wealthy worked 50 hours or more each week
57% of the poor who had full-time jobs worked less than 50 hours each week.

88% of the wealthy took fewer sick days.

79% of the wealthy also networked 5 or more hours each month.

55% of this networking was done over their lunch hour.

65% of the wealthy had 3 sources of income.

45% had 4 sources of income.

6% of the poor had more than one source of income.

67% of the wealthy watched less than an hour of TV a day,

77% of the poor watched more than an hour of TV a day.

63% of the wealthy spent less than an hour a day on the Internet.

74% of the poor spent more than an hour a day on the Internet.