The Censorship of Free Speech Platform Gab sets a Dangerous Precedent

A terrorist attack against a Synagogue in which 11 people have died is being exploited by tech companies to undermine a potential competitor and attack free speech.

The synagogue-shooter used a free-speech platform called gab, and even though he also used Facebook, gab is being blamed for his murders and being shut down by it’s hosting site and banned from pay-pal.

The shut down of Gab is a dangerous precedent, because it’s a kin to don’t shutting down a telephone company for the conversations being held on it.

Its ironic because facebook is more liable for it’s content, since they pick and choose what content is on there and thus have an editorial position.

It’s important to note that there were attempts to shut down Gab through demonetisation before the shooting. The powers that be don’t care about the people who died, they only care about their bottom line.

Silicon valley doesn’t want any competition, they want to maintain their monopoly. When given the choice between free speech and restricted speech people will flock to the free platform.
Facebook and Twitter began banning people randomly sometimes with no reason given, so people flocked to free speech platforms , like Vk, minds, Gab, now they’re trying to ban that too leaving no place to go.

Will there be no vestige of free speech on the internet?

They talk about hate speech, I’m a middle easterners and a Muslim, and I’m sure Gab has allowed users to make disparaging comments about us. And I fully support their right to do so, it is free speech. You either support free speech or you don’t. You see, I myself have been the target of Censorship, I was called a Russian bot, my facebook was blocked for 6 months, my youtube channel has constantly been targeted for shut own. The road to total censorship is clear, first the excuse for censorship is anti-violence, then anti-hate, then it becomes “anti-foreigners meddling”, their end game is to censor of anti-war & anti-government dissidents.

The internet has changed our world, it has allowed is that the masses access to the same broad casting power as the establishment controlled media. This has been the governments greatest fear in the last decade, and they’re doing everything in their power to regain control.
We can’t let them do it.