ANTIFA cowards threaten Tucker Carlson at home: Try to scare America into silence

RT CrossTalk host Peter Lavelle and The Duran’s Alex Christoforou take a quick look at the rise in violence from far left ANTIFA fascist groups, that have now taken city and University riots to a much more personal level…harassing conservative voices at restaurants and movie theaters, to now showing up at their homes, threatening harm to those targeted and their family members.

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Join Alexander Mercouris, Peter Lavelle, Mark Sleboda, and Alex Christoforou to discuss:

Fallout from U.S. Midterm elections
Florida election recount – where is Russian meddling?
Session out as DOJ
Trump and Macron in Paris
Russiagate and the end of Mueller investigation
Trump’s sanctions on Iran
Iran out of SWIFT
War in Yemen
Sanctions against Saudis linked to Khashoggi murder
War in Syria – Update
War on Troika of Latin America
Theresa May’s Brexit disaster and Irish border
and much much more…