Total Deaths From COVID MUCH LOWER Than Reported

Popular British YouTuber and retired nurse educator John Campbell recently covered the results of a Freedom of Information request revealing that the number of deaths in England and Wales attributable exclusively to COVID-19 is far lower than reported death rates would suggest. Jimmy and comedian Kurt Metzger address the controversial and highly charged topic of Covid death rates.
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At a recent press conference, UFC President Dana White spoke about how monoclonal antibodies effectively treated his COVID but are infuriatingly scarce today, and was challenged by a reporter who asked, “Are you a doctor?”

Also: (Jimmy Dore Show) – Facebook ADMITS Their Fact Checks Are Phony!

Responding to a lawsuit brought by journalist John Stossel, Facebook was forced to admit that the “fact checks” it subjects news stories and individuals to are not fact checks at all, but rather the expression of establishment opinions passed off as facts. Jimmy and comedian Kurt Metzger expose the BS behind the entire “fact checking” industry that’s cropped up the past decade.

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A recent Rasmussen poll suggests that Democratic voters hold extreme views about the level of punishment their unvaccinated compatriots should be subjected to. Jimmy and comedian Kurt Metzger discuss the surprisingly harsh poll results. Also: (Jimmy Dore Show) – Clueless CDC Director Challenged On COVID Death Count

We’re almost two years into the pandemic, and CDC Director Rochelle Walensky remains unable or unwilling to explain precisely how many Americans have died FROM coronavirus as opposed to dying WITH coronavirus. The perplexing issue of COVID death rates continues to confound authorities and drive suspicion about official figures. Jimmy and comedian Kurt Metzger discuss who benefits from the ongoing confusion over COVID death rates.