Robert Inlakesh Interview – Israel Uses Palestinians As Human Experiments, COVID-19 Is No Different

I find it incredibly insulting that the western mainstream world can willfully ignore places like Gaza and Yemen, even while they have been suffering intentionally created humanitarian crises at the hands of the “good guys” for years. And many out there still lost to the two-party deception simply toe the line and act like it’s not happening, even while far too many KNOW that it’s happening. Yet now we have this pandemic, and the MSM whips into a frenzy of faux concern for all those suffering around the world… all except for the same old off-limits places that were always in a crisis, only now made worse by today’s events, and yet they still pretend that they do not exist. Now why would that be, if they actually cared about innocent life and human suffering? Doesn’t this obvious plot hole clearly show that this faux outrage and concern is nothing more than a selective narrative being used to emotionally manipulate those watching? How else can we explain why the world’s worst humanitarian crises get “overlooked” during this exposé of human suffering? Sadly, most watching know that this is not an accident, rather an orchestrated omission intended to control the worldview of those still taking their cues from the powers-that-shouldn’t-be.

Joining me today to discuss this and much more is someone that you should all know well, someone who has made it his focus to expose these deceptions and fight for those who suffer under just such a tyrannical rule, and that is Robert Inlakech.