TLAV R&R – Israel, Epstein, Bolivia, Iran, Yemen, UkraineGate & Whatever Else Is On YOUR Mind #AMA

The Last American Vagabond – November 7th, 2019
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Also: (TLAV) – Russia Continues To Counter US Venezuela Starvation Sanctions By Sending Money & MSM Calls It Evil

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Also: (TLAV) – Revealed That The Breathalyzer Test Is ‘Fake Science’ – What’s NOT Fake Today?

Also: (TLAV) – Epstein’s Unexplained Wrist/Shoulder Injuries, ABC Coverup, 2 New US Syria Bases & ISIS Aids US Gov

Also: (TLAV) – Protestors Attack Iranian Consulate In Iraq After Lull, Strongly Suggesting Israeli/US Influence

Also: (TLAV) – US Gov Has Given Afghanistan $132 Billion Since 2002 – Today It’s The Most Deadly War In The World

Also: (TLAV) – As Gabbard Introduces Resolution For Actual Syria Withdrawal, US Troops Don’t Know Who To Shoot At

Also: (TLAV) – Turkey Says Arrest Of Baghdadi’s Sister Is An Intelligence ‘Gold Mine’ – What Is It That She Knows?

Also: (TLAV) – Feds Subpoena “Up To 20” Epstein Guards Only After #EpsteinDidntKillHimself Goes Viral