US Coalitions Kills 14 Yemen Civilians, All But US Recommit To Nuclear Deal & US Attacks Syrian Oil

The Last American Vagabond – Premiered Jul 29th, 2019
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Also: (TLAV) – UN Calls Out Israel/Saudi Arabia For Killing Children, As Palestinians Die Of IDF Live Fire In Gaza

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Also: (TLAV) – Lawmaker Threatened In Epstein Probe, UN Condemns Israeli/Saudi Child Deaths & The $1.48T War Budget

Also: (TLAV) – Ukraine Seizes Russian Oil Tanker Citing Kerch Strait Incident As Legal Justification – MSM Ignores

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Also: (TLAV) – CIA Wants To Make It Easier To Jail Journalists, & Congress Isn’t Stopping It

Also: (TLAV) – UK Reveals US Planned To Take Grace 1 Tanker & Manufactured Legal Justification Just Days Before

Also: (TLAV) – Israel Yet Again Illegally Bombs Syrian Military Locations In Syria – Because Iran

Also: (TLAV) – Israel Bombs Syria, UK Admits US Planned To Take Grace 1 Tanker, CIA Secrecy Bill & The US Of Israel

Also: (TLAV) – Eva Bartlett Interview – The US-Run al-Rukban Internment Camp In Syria & The Similarities To Gaza

Joining me today after a recent trip to the Middle East, and here to discuss Syria & Palestine, is Eva Bartlett. In this interview we go over the US-run al-Rukban internment camp in Syria and what these people have been forced to endure even as the MSM ignores their plight, as well as some of what Eva saw while living in Palestine, the parallels between the two atrocities, and the governmental ties that bind them. Also: (TLAV) – In Another Ignored Syrian Oil Attack, ISIS Bombs Syrian Oil Tanker In Clear Alignment With US Agenda

Also: (TLAV) – A Senior Israeli Minister Boasts: “Israel Is The Only Country In The World Killing Iranians”

Also: (TLAV) – Iran Sentences “CIA Spy Ring” To Death; Publishes Video & Photos Of Americans

Also: (TLAV) – Propaganda Alert: MSM Claims Russia “May Have” Altered GPS To Help Iran.. Because That Tech Exists

Also: (TLAV) – Panama Has Admitted That The Riah Tanker Seized By Iran Was Smuggling Oil, Countering US Claims

Also: (TLAV) – The Information On The Stena Impero & Mesdar Tankers Seized By Iran That MSM Refuses To Report

Also: (TLAV) – Panama Admits Tanker Iran Seized Did Violate Intl. Law & Iran Sentences “CIA Spy Ring” To Death

Also: (TLAV) – US Allies/Proxies Conduct Illegal Attacks, Violate Human Rights & Intl. Law With Shocking Regularity

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