U.S. Dollar Going Up Until Middle Class Disappears | EXPLAINED

Economy is slowing globally, cuts and shortages of energy and food becoming more apparent, rising interest rates in response to higher inflation. We have to understand what our future is and what we’re going to do about it. Interest rates and mortgage rates are climbing very high. People cannot afford to pay their debt. This puts downward pressure on prices. If too many people are in this scenario, it will unravel quickly. If rates come down soon, it’s not as big of a concern. Mortgage rates have gone too high for most people. Prices cannot accelerate in this environment. Total slowdown begins but those on the fringe will fail. Watch for true excess, extremes, leverage, and desperation. All will be apparent as rates remain elevated. If the Fed sells too many MBS, this will create major disruptions because no investors want to buy it, especially when they’re selling. Stay away from getting into big debt, leverage, or margin at this time.