American Culture is being DESTROYED by The Culture War

The Culture War has no rules, it is simply a no holds barred fight over the power of various tribes. People lose their jobs over political opinions and now people are losing jobs and opportunity over the actions of their parents and grandparents.

This insanity can only lead to total collapse. How do you mend the divide when there are no rules to abide by? When the left can deride white people but claim it’s not racism how can you oppose racism?

There are no rules only attempts to empowering the tribe and that means the war cannot be won.

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A News rating service has deemed Fox News to be a credible healthy source of information and this has many on the left furious. How can Fox News be REAL news they ask.

Newsguard uses 9 criteria to weigh a news service and found Fox to be credible and reliable but obviously the issue is so partisan that people refuse to believe it.

Fox News is the number 1 network AND has been rated credible, so what does this mean for the political dive and upcoming election?