Antifa Attacked Journalists, Why Is Media Staying Silent?(UPDATED)

UPDATE: After making the video CNN’s Brian Stelter and Jake Tapper called out Antifa for attacking Press.

Antifa attacked journalists with NBC last night. It was just a quick hit and it seems everyone is ok. But this type of behavior is prevalent among far left protests so why doesn’t the media talk about it?

We heard that CNN personalities have faced threats and many people are upset with Trump for his rhetoric about the press. But the issue goes both ways.


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CNN and Vox actually called out Antifa violence which some found surprising. Following this however activists in media called them out and criticized them for presenting a “false equivalence.”

The media tends to report the right as the violent ones but this is usually activist journalists at Huffpo and The Daily Beast. Larger outlets really are left with no choice but to report on this when 95% of the violence is from Antifa.