Books BANNED, Ideas CENSORED, We Are IN The Dystopian Future

We Are IN The Dystopian Future, Book Bannings, Censorship, It’s All Getting WORSE. Digital book burnings, thats how people refer to the banning of books in the digital world. When Jordan Peterson’s book is banned from a major distributor what is the difference? The Far left, regressive left, dangles the worst of the worst in front of us. They scream that we are being threatened and oppressed. In turn they show people yelling back “save us.” They push lies and fake news in order to get you angry and scared and then use that to increase their authority, to ban information.

There was a time when cigarettes were healthy, when asbestos was safe. With new information we can change our understand and make things better. But there are those that seek to restrict information, they seek to take away your right to know and learn.

They use social justice, feminism, promises of a safer better world things that at heart are good and moral. But they use the good to demand power, and invariably once given that power they turn it back on you.

You best start believing in Dystopian Future Stories, You’re in one.

See Also: (Tim Pool) – Russia Collusion Conspiracy BACKFIRING On Democrats??!

The report was submitted by special counsel Robert Mueller and a senior DOJ official said no new indictments will be filed and according to NBC news there are no sealed indictments either. You would think that if President Donald Trump colluded with Russia there would be at least one indictment, certainly other people would be involved. But as Glen Greenwald put it “they didn’t even get Carter Page!”

Not ONE indictment at all in this investigation having to do with Russian Collusion.

From this it seems Democrats and other “resistance” personalities have given Trump and conservatives all the tools they need for his re-election come 2020. In fact many top Democratic candidates are steering clear of mentioned Russian Collusion.

Democrats are other far left personalities will likely regret chasing this conspiracy theory so heavily for the past two years. Also: (Tim Pool) – Confirmed: NO RUSSIA COLLUSION, Media Has Lost ALL Credibility (UPDATED)

UPDATE: NO COLLUSION FOUND. This Video Was Produced BEFORE The Release of the Mueller Summary. STAY TUNED FOR An UPDATE Democrats Will Subpoena Robert Mueller, MSNBC Claims COVER UP. Of course no one would back down. Democrats say they will now subpoena Robert Mueller himself and force him to testify before congress about his investigation. Media, MSNBC specifically claims this may be the seeds of a “cover up” and say congress should ignore the report. Bill Maher, shocked to find out there are no more indictments says he Doesnt need the report because he has a TV so he knows Trump is a traitor.

The Mueller probe has ended and we await the findings but with no new indictments coming from Mueller it seems as though 2+ years were wasted on a conspiracy theory. With many in media staking their careers on the narrative they have no choice but to double down.