Is This The Breaking Point / Is Truth Really Over?

Fake news become Fact. This is the breaking point for us.
News stories are “mission driven,” ideologues inject unconfirmed rumors into stories, and fake news gets cited as fact.

As time goes on our history is slowly becoming rife with inaccuracies and twisted information made to suit the ever growing political factions.

But is it to late? Is Truth really over?

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Twitter has confirmed a new censorship policy. They will shadowban posts that “detract from the conversation.”
Twitter’s statement just confirms what we already knew, that users are regularly shadowbanned, meaning they dont even know that no one can see what they post.

Users carry on thinking that people just won’t interact with them but in reality Twitter has rendered them invisible.

This also confirms reporting from James O’Keefe in January where we saw a twitter engineer talk about removing a certain “way of talking” from the platform. But most alarming is the statement from an engineer that this will mostly affect conservatives.

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Why are they lying about Trump? Recently the president made a statement about criminal gangs trying to get into the US but for some reason several outlets tried making it seem like he was actually referring to all undocumented immigrants.

Politicians and activists are hopping on the dishonesty train for obvious reasons, they want to score points for their side. But will this actually convince people Trump is bad or will it just make people double down on their support for the President