Buzzfeed FORCED To Admit It Published FAKE NEWS About Trump

Buzzfeed falsely reported that Donald Trump explicitly told Michael Cohen to lie in the Russia investigation but the story was almost immediately refuted by Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s Office. Buzzfeed REFUSED o back down and defended their reporting. Even after Cohen testified and proved the story was false Buzzfeed again REFUSED to back down.

But the Mueller report released to the public gives Buzzfeed no choice but to finally admit defeat. They were wrong, they published fake news, they refused to back down even with every bit of evidence saying they were wrong and now finally they admit it.

What we see is CNN giving a platform to Buzfeed’s reporters to defend their fake news and journalists protecting their own, refusing to hold them accountable.

The only real accountability happens across partisan political lines and that’s a shame.

The Trump Russia narrative is over and it’s time to MOVE ON. We learned from Attorney William Barr what we needed to know, No collusion and no obstruction. While there are many interesting insights from the Mueller report we need to move on and solve our country’s problems.

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As more stories emerge about Democrats and the left getting woke it seems every more likely that they will go broke as well. “Get Woke Go Broke” may be more than just a comment about business practices as Democrats are losing white male voters to the Republicans and causing a political rift along racial lines. While the strategy may attract the far left and feminists it will likely alienate white male voters

As more democrats play the far left social justice game the party splits along center and far left lines. The feminist social justice play may result in a hard fracturing of Democrats and result in a strong Republican lead for a long time. Also: (Tim Pool) – Diversity Plan BACKFIRES Igniting “James Damore 2.0” Scandal

Microsoft Diversity Plan BACKFIRES In “James Damore 2.0” Event. Following stories about complaints from female staffers at Microsoft news emerged that employees were outraged at the discriminatory practices against white men and asians. Far left media pounced in outrage that anyone would dare openly challenge “diversity.” Quartz said they are holding the name of the employee pending a response which could result in what many are calling a “James Damore 2.0” type event.

As the far left and social justice activists demand diversity programs we see them fail time and time again. Data and studies form Harvard show that these programs often backfire and don’t work as intended. We can now see how the far left views all Asians as one group when it is very ethnically diverse.

It seems the goal isn’t diversity but tribal authority and control.

This would explain why they demand punishment for those openly questioning the practice.