California Cities Are Disgusting Cesspools, May ALREADY Have The Plague

According to Dr Drew, Los Angeles may already have the bubonic plague as rat infestation reaches absurd levels. This follows a typhus outbreak in the city. Los Angeles has a Democratic supermajority yet for some reason is unable to solve these problems, like the homeless problem, rat infestation, spread of disease, much to the outrage of many citizens and writers. In several op-eds, one being in the New York Times, we see people blaming liberal hypocrisy, politicians who don’t actually believe in their progressive social justice values when it comes to their back yard. This results in no one actually caring about the problems and filth in these ultra progressive cities. While I can’t say its definitively the result of failed liberal policies it sometimes feels that way. But we have to make sure the issue isn’t just corruption.

It’s entirely possible that progressive policies and liberal policies fail but, its also possible these are corrupt far left grifters pretending to be progressive to get elected then doing nothing to help the poor in their cities.