Censorship Just BACKFIRED Against Far left and HELPED A Conservative?!

A far left artist had her facebook account disabled for making anti-trump art. Typically its the right demanding free speech and the left calling for restrictions but very often we see it backfire against the let who are shocked to find they are not above the rules, at least not always. At the same time we are seeing Lauren Southern’s documentary Borderless ride a streisand effect towards massive viewership. Initially her documentary was throttled and then outright removed from Youtube but this resulted in more people hearing about it and watching it.

How many times do we have to tell the far left that censorship will backfire? So long as regressive social justice activists ignore the issue or fail to learn from their mistakes their activism will make it bad for all of us.

The people most likely to be hurt by this are small creators and journalists like Popular Front (Check them out on Youtube)