Confirmed: Conservatives get Shadowbanned, Democrats Do not

Vice News has confirmed that prominent Republicans are getting censored and their Democratic counterparts are not. Twitter denies any intentional targeting saying its about behavior and not politics. But upon inspection Ronna McDaniels, the GOP spokeswoman was was shadowbanned, doesn’t engage in any noticeably bad behaviors. So why is she banned and the DNC spokesperson is not?

In the past video leaked showing Twitter engineers talk about how they target Trump supporters “because they are all Russian.”

So is it possible twitter is lying? Or is it an accident that Twitter is targeting behaviors more associated with conservatives?


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Infowars has received another guideline strike and had 4 videos removed. This means no Infowars live for at least 30 days. Alex jones has just received a 30 day suspension on Facebook.

Cnn has led the reporting on Infowars in a very critical light and many people feel this is a call for removing them. Just because CNN reports on Infowars and asks questions does not mean they are advocating anything.

In that sense I took a critical look at CNNs coverage and highlighted several instances where CNN published fake news. If even CNN is publishing factually incorrect and downright insane conspiracies, like Don lemon asking if a black hole could swallow a plane, then shouldn’t we see CNN banned as well?

Personally I dont think either should be banned and unfortunately if we want an honest and free press we can’t have big companies deciding what is or is not fake.