Conservatives Denied Housing Over Political Beliefs, Is This Illegal?

Conservatives Denied Housing Over Political Beliefs, Is This Illegal?
After a story went viral of a woman’s roommates searching her room after finding a MAGA hat people cried foul calling this clear political discrimination.

But a second story has emerged this time in Washington DC after a former Fox News staffer revealed she was denied housing twice over her job and her personal politics.

What made this interesting is that political affiliation is a protected human right in DC and this might actually be illegal.

For left wing and right wing activists, I think the issue is pointless as both probably would not want to live together anyway. But we do have evidence showing that Democrats and Republicans are more likely to mistrust each other over politics than over other factors such as race or gender.

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Populism Has Won, Democrats Embrace Populism, Reject Elitism.
We now see rising stars in the Democratic party trying to appear down to earth and relatable by using livestreams or posting pictures in normal clothes and cooking dinner.

The idea of suited elites is over and the idea of the down to earth politician is here. Elizabeth Warren just announced her 2020 exploratory committee and almost immediately got on Instagram and cracked a brew.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez started the trend which was repeated by Beto O’Rourke and now Elizabeth Warren. It would seem that regardless of what the media says Populism has won and the Democrats are embracing this idea full force for 2020.

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Bernie Sanders Apologizes Following #MeToo Allegations after several women came forward with complaints about his 2016 campaign. Feminist activists and organizers were quick to condemn “bernie bros” as they were called for rampant discrimination in Bernie’s 2016 campaign.

This shows us the pitfalls facing Democrat men coming into 2020, a hungry media looking for anything salacious to go after people with.

Donald Trump’s supporters don’t care for or trust the media so this issue is likely going to present a massive advantage for Trump and Republicans in the 2020 presidential race

We still have yet to see who the democratic 2020 presidential candidates will actually be so for now we can only speculate.