The Craziest Smear Against Jordan Peterson

The Craziest Smear Against Jordan Peterson has to be by asking if he was “enabling jew hatred.”
The article even used Petersons photo next to a Photo of [Really bad German Leader from WWII] which had to be retracted.

But we also have a string of new outlets calling Peterson alt right or implying that the alt right likes him, they dont. Peterson regularly speaks out against the alt right and Identity Politics.

So what is going on with this wave of smears against him?

See Also: (Tim Pool) – Hate Speech Law Backfires on Far Left

A city in Canada has determined that the “A” symbol that represents “anarchy” is a hate symbol and can not be displayed on a building. While Anarchists by definition oppose government controls it tends to be the far left that advocates for these types of hate speech laws.

The far left is typically a reference to anarchists, communists, and socialists and it is these groups that often advocate for censoring “hate speech.”

In turn we are seeing progressive and anarchists face the same censorship they advocate for.

UPDATE: After making this video PJW’s video was unrestricted.