Dave Chappelle Gets 99% From Audience On Rotten Tomatoes, Media Has Become A Far Left Echo Chamber

As expected Dave Chappelle’s Sticks and Stones audience score is absurdly high at 99% 99% is high even by Rotten tomatoes standards, with many critically acclaimed movies and shows getting 80-90. While the audience score is amazing his critics score is at 38%, much better than 0 but still in the ‘rotten’ category.

Many of the reviews I have gone over aren’t listed so its likely his critical score will remain low, but this is the best picture we have of the divide between woke far left ideologues and the general public.

Media is controlling the narrative but its times like these that we can see through it. Many people voted for Trump as a rejection of the expanding far left social justice narrative and authoritarianism. Unfortunately even today many people refuse to stand up for themselves out of a fear of the woke outrage mob, and I know this first hand.

People love Chick-Fil-A, there are insane lines at most shops but the media would have you believe the store is controversial. It’s with this power they have effectively gotten the store banned form public places and are continuing to try to force people to bend the knee.

We know people don’t want to live this way, but until they decide to stand up for themselves the woke far left will continue to win these kinds of battles.

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