Debunking The Narrative Of Right Wing Radicalization On Youtube

In September a report was published by Data and Society making false claims about people like me, Dave Rubin, Joe Rogan, Jordan Peterson, and Ben Shapiro. The report claimed that Youtube was radicalizing young people toward the extreme right. The story was carried by almost every mainstream media outlets and pushed as fact, even though there was no data. It may just be that, like PewDiePie, the left is looking to smear anyone using a competitor or is opposed to their ideology of social justice.

But new data has emerged from Software Engineer Mark Ledwich which disproves this narrative. There is no clear path to radicalization. In fact you could argue that if politics is flowing in any direction, it is to the left.

Left wing channels get more than double the views of right wing channels on youtube, and the idea of radicalization is simply false and in all likelihood a smear against those who oppose intersectional feminist and the regressive left.