Democrat Calls On Tech Giants To Censor Conservatives Over Kamala Harris Debate

Several months ago Don Lemon had a debate on CNN about whether Kamala Harris is Africa-American. Recently a conservative man made the same point as Lemon and Donald Trump Jr. Retweeted it. This resulted in the typical far left social justice outrage. How dare Trump Jr retweet such a thing? Yet this ignored the context of Don Lemon bringing up the same conversation. FOllowing this Elizabeth Warren called on big tech companies and social media giants to “stop the vile lies”

She said it was their obligation.

Curious as Elizabeth Warren has called for breaking up big tehc but now makes demands against political rivals. What do you think the tech giants will do in response? Its almost as if it was her intent, if the companies don’t do what she wants she will regulate or break them up.

Leftists have increasingly called for more restrictions on speech and now we can see that even at the highest levels there are politicians who do not believe in free speech. This move is very worrying as it is an outsourcing or privatization of government censorship. A Politician can call for censorship and it doesn’t violate the constitution because its enacted by a private entity. See Also: (Tim Pool) – Democrat Demands Prosecution Over Jokes, The Left Has Gone Full Authoritarian

A Democrat recently said that anyone making fun of congresswoman should be prosecuted and that they will ‘shut them down.’ This is just another statement in a long line of authoritarian demands made by far left Democrats. From AOC saying she’s the boss and youre in the cheap seats, Velazquez saying “youre right to be afraid of us” or Elizabeth Warren calling big tech to censor people we are seeing Democrats make ever more authoritarian demands.

The Far left has adopted ‘social justice’ as a shield to gain power. In the end they seem to only care about themselves and not principles. They aren’t actually fighting for social justice, they are fighting for personal gain.

The Situation with Andy Ngo is the best example. They rush to defend what happened to him and few on the left condemn it. Even mainstream journalists are excusing what happened and some even encourage it.