Democrats Are Now OPENLY CHEATING And Don’t Care, Leftist Democrats TOO WEAK To Actually Stand Up

DNC members are now on record plotting rule changes to stop Bernie Sanders from being able to win the democratic nomination. While most of us know that the DNC was cheating in 2016 what they are doing now is the most brazen and overt cheating they have done yet.

The Democratic National Committee is changing the rules for debate requirements to billionaire Mike Bloomberg can enter the race without having to qualify. In the past Andrew Yang, Tulsi Gabbard, Tom Steyer, and Cory Booker have all called for rule changes to support a more diverse debate but the DNC said no.

Now that Mike Bloomberg needs help though, they come running. And more interestingly is how Bloomberg recently donated over a million dollars to the Democratic establishment and then all of a sudden they let him debate.

Far Left democrats have failed to actually stand up for themselves for the most part with Bernie Sanders being relentlessly smeared in the media and cheated by the establishment. If they can’t defend themselves why would I stand up for them?

Republicans did not want Trump to win but conceded when it became clear he was the choice the American voters. Now the RNC is seeing record numbers and massive success.

It seems clear that the Democrats will regret these ethical violations as this is going to backfire miserably against them

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9 cities in China are now on lockdown due to the rapid spread of the Wuhan Virus. While this is likely not going to be that big of a deal China is taking it very seriously. Fears are escalating as the virus is spreading around the world.

The US as well as many southeast asian countries were hit by a few cases of the Wuhan Virus but for the most part it does seem to be over hyped by media.

One thing gaining attention online is the story from 2017 about a new Biolab in Wuhan and fears a pathogen could escape.

There is no evidence to suggest that is the case but many people are concerned nonetheless that this coronavirus will have a devastating impact