Epstein Conspiracies Go Mainstream “Clinton Body Count” And “Trump Body Count” Are Trending

The big kicker here is that many of the people pushing conspiracy theories about what happened to Jeffrey Epstein are high profile left wing personalities, writers, hosts, and politicians. It seems that even if Hillary and Bill Clinton are just being scapegoated most people think this is actually foul play. Reporting from the Washington post seems to suggest that those close to Epstein view this incident as foul play and that someone wanted him gone.

As a very powerful man who was about to take down many other powerful people it does seem plausible.

It was just yesterday that court documents implicated high profile democrats as having been involved with Epstein.

For now we wait. The FBI said it will begin investigating and Attorney General Bill Barr is livid over what happened.

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In the lead up to Jeffrey Epstein’s alleged suicide several procedures and policies seem to have been broken creating the result we saw in the news, Epstein’s demise. Epstein was supposed to be checked every 30 minutes, he wasn’t. Epstein was supposed to keep a cellmate with him, the cellmate got removed just before he died.

Aside from that why was he even taken off suicide watch considering how high profile he was?

What’s strange now is that the left, far left, and the right all seem to agree that the story is fishy and at some point Occam’s razor would suggest foul play. Now it’s possible all these factors came together to allow such a high profile person to end their own life but when you have mainstream democrats, journalists, and activists questioning this foul play seems likely.

The bigger question then is why so many other journalists are refusing to accept the possibility. Why do so many poo poo the idea that something foul was afoot? Certainly its possible and considering all that had to happen to allow this it seems even slightly probable.

Will Chamberlain of Human Events joins me to discuss ideas about this and other conspiracies that the media so often seems ready to ignore Also: (Tim Pool) – Studies Prove Google Is Swinging 2020 AGAINST Trump, Biased Against Conservatives

A new study from Allsides, a non-partisan media bias checking organization, shows that nearly all of the top stories from Google on recent major news are from left wing sources, not even centrist. Dr. Robert Epstein has been warning for years that Google and big tech will swing elections and choose who wins, whether on purpose or not. In 2013 Washington Post reported on the study, in 2015 WIRED Reported on the results showing it can and will happen. Recently Dr. Epstein recently testified in front of Ted Cruz saying that at minimum Google generated 2.6 Million votes for Hillary Clinton and the Democrats.

There is now ample evidence that whether intentional or not Google and other big tech platforms are biased against conservatives and to a lesser extent moderates and that this will swing elections in the future. The search tends to generate left wing news outlets and news in favor of far left and social justice narratives while censoring those who speak out against establishment politics.

Yet even after leaked emails, former employees blowing the whistle, and now studies backing this up the left and far left still insist that there is no evidence of the bias against conservatives.

So let me say definitively, big tech and Google are biased against conservatives. Whether its an unintentional or intentional bias is irrelevant. The impact is obvious and the results are clear. Also: (Tim Pool) – Ilhan Omar, Rashida Tlaib Barred From Entering Israel Following Pressure From Trump

Ilhan Omar, Rashida Tlaib Barred From Entering Israel Following Pressure From Trump Over their support for the BDS Movement. It was reported initially that the far left progressive Democrats would be allowed to enter Israel but following pressure from President Trump it seems that the interior minister of Israel has refused entry. Prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu released a statement explaining the decision and expressing support. Israel has a law that allows the country to deny entry to anyone who supporters the Boycott, Divestment, And Sanctions movement as it causes harm to Israel. They criticized Ilhan Omar and Rashida Tlaib for negating their ‘right of existence.’ Recently Israel welcomed 70 democratic and republican members of congress but singled out the far left democrats for writing ‘palestine’ as their destination and planning to meet Pro BDS individuals. Donald Trump tweeted that Israel would appear weak if it allowed them in and specifically criticized the two as hating Israel and the Jewish people.