Facebook Is On Its DEATHBED After Millions FLEE And A Wave Of Scandals

Facebook Is On Its DEATHBED After Millions FLEE And A Wave Of Scandals. It was recently reported that the social media giant lost 15 million users in the past few years, but most of these users are young people. This paints a terrible trend for the platform that is rapidly trying to transform itself into a privacy focused network. But amid this crisis they are being criminally investigated by Federal prosecutors, losing two of their top executives, and being hit by a massive global network outage.

Mark Zuckerberg’s plans seem to be failing and his actions only seem to be making the demise of Facebook happen sooner. While this is bad news all around it seems Facebook is still growing users on Instagram which may be its saving grace. All of this news comes as we also are learning that Twitters user base is shrinking as well. Could this be the end of the Social Media Giants?

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With Facebook’s loss of millennial users to Instagram young people are sharing less and this means digital sites that cater to woke young people are losing traffic and in turn ad revenue. At the same time Facebook deranked publisher content just about a year ago and it hasn’t fared well for these outlets. Since the start of 2019 we have seen 2,300 media layoffs mostly at woke and far left media. It would seem in all likelihood that these sites were built off of leftist outrage and as Facebook ceases to cater to them and loses the audience it takes out leftist media with it.