Far Left Activists Have DESTROYED Journalism From Within (Ft. Joey Salads)

Activists Have DESTROYED Journalism From Within (Ft. Joey Salads). When Joey Salads was caught faking videos everyone descended on him like hawks. He was called out and dragged even by me. Since this Joey has moved away from dark, political, and manipulative content to more hokey and pg-13 style pranks. But while his transgressions were obvious, the far left in media pushes fake news everyday. They lie, exaggerate, mislead and no one is there to stop them. Activists inside media push smaller scale fake news stories in order to make money in almost the same way that Joey did.

These activists often claim to be acting in the name of social justice but it seems the motivator is more likely to be money.

As far left activism continues to spread throughout media the age old institution of journalism is being destroyed by far left political agendas.

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