Far Left SMEARS People Like Me To Convince You They Are Mainstream

No, The Regressive Left IS NOT Mainstream And We ARE NOT Conservative. Story after story from far left digital media tries to paint the regressive left as the mainstream left, but this is not true. According to data from Gallup and Pew the best you could say is that the left is split down the middle with 54% of Democrats wanting more moderate policy and the majority of voters oppose identity politics. But the social justice left keeps pushing this narrative and today gained a surprising ally, Quillette. Quillette is a publication often associated with the intellectual Dark Web. Today they published an article arguing that Dave Rubin and people like me a re “new right” which is just absolutely wrong and could be stretched to imply that Nancy Pelosi is “new right” because of how often she criticizes Ocasio-Cortez.

The reality is that the left is in a state of civil war and many former liberals are walking away ceding ground to the fringe regressives.

That doesn’t make me or anyone else on the left conservative, it just means that eventually we will be politically homeless, assuming we aren’t already.

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Mueller Report PROVES Media Is A Complete Trash Fire. For years we have been fed trash about Russia and Trump but even after the summary was released by Bill Barr the media just moved the goal posts. Today they do the same thing. The Mueller report refutes Buzzfeed’s claims about Michael Cohen’s testimony. Buzzfeed doubled down on their fake news even after Mueller refuted the story and now we have the report showing they are just wrong.

But of course we see MSNBC claiming collusion between Barr and Trump because the media is desperate for ratings and seemingly collapsing.

Our journalistic industry is a trash fire of hyper partisan nonsense and fake news. They continue to push fake news and misleading information to chase the Trump bump.

But enough, we know media is trash and Mueller just proved it.