FBI Arrests Epstein Guards In “Criminal Enterprise” Investigation, Media Tries To COVER IT UP Again

The two guards tasked with guarding Jeffery Epstein at the NY MCC have been arrested and indicted on charges of falsifying records and conspiracy. The FBI has said they are currently investigating a “criminal enterprise” surrounding the issue of Epstein.

Nothing here is ordinary yet already media gatekeepers are trying to downplay the severity of what is going on as well as the strange circumstances involved.

HuffPo runs a quote saying basically there is nothing to see here ABC News spiked the Epstein story years ago

But now Republicans are demanding answers from ABC news and even suggesting there will be hearings if they don’t provide answers.

See Also: (Tim Pool) – Facebook Has SUSPENDED Me For Reporting on CIA Whistleblower Calling It “Crime Activity”

Recently it was announced that Facebook and Youtube will be banning any content naming the whistleblower. Youtube force privated my first video on the matter and confirmed to me they will not be reinstating it. Facebook has taken down a series of my posts providing reporting and evidence that the named person may in fact be the CIA whistleblower. One post praising the new york times for outing the whistleblower was removed and this led to my suspension from Facebook.

As it was the first time I have ever been suspended for posting something on Facebook it was only a temporary ban. As of the filming of this video I had 6 hours left before I could post again.

Facebook told me that reporting on this person was a “crime activity” that could cause harm even though Fox news has already named the individual twice and many other high profile personalities and news outlets have done so as well.

We are entering dark times. Journalism itself is corrupt or banned completely. ABC News is exposed for spiking possibly the biggest story of our generation and now big tech is banning people and content that provides vital context in the Trump impeachment inquiry.

Democrats are refusing to allow Republicans to call the whistleblower to testify so it is more important than ever to report on who this person is and what is currently going on. Also: (Tim Pool) – Leaked Emails EXPOSE Impeachment And Joe Biden, Trump May Have RIGHT About Corruption The Whole Time

Leaked Emails EXPOSE Impeachment And Joe Biden, Facts Seem To Back Up Trump’s Claim About Corruption. In emails leaked by Jon Solomon, it appears that Burisma tried intervening to stop the corruption investigation against it. According to the emails this happened just around one month before Joe Biden offered a quid pro quo to Ukraine in order to get their top prosecutor fired. Strangely, after the new prosecutor stepped in he cleared Burisma’s owner of any wrong doing. This lends itself to Trump’s claim about Joe Biden and corruption. The timeline backs up the president.

If this version of events is true that means the basis of impeachment is a lie. But impeachment being a scam may be obvious already.

More than two years ago Mark Zaid, the whistleblower’s attorney, said the “coup has started” and went on to push for impeachment. This was over two years before the Ukraine phone call about Biden.

All relevant information at this point seems to back up the president, that impeachment is a scam for partisan reasons to cause him harm going into 2020.

Democrats are playing a dangerous game but perhaps it is all they have to defeat Trump. The far left push has soured many voters and they are placing their bets on negative partisanship.