Feminist BANNED For “Misgendering” Files Lawsuit Against Twitter

Feminist BANNED For “Misgendering” Files Lawsuit Against Twitter. Megan Murphy was banned a few months ago for “targeted misgendering” of a transgender individual on Twitter.

The social platform insists that it doesn’t use politics when determining if someone should be banned but this clearly is not the case considering misgendering and deadnaming are specific only to a small political and feminist ideology. This would specifically be political censorship considering what is deemed to be right or wrong on Twitter.

Twitter is essentially enforcing social justice activism within its rules and is clearly in favor of a regressive left wing ideology.

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Mitch McConnell has called for a Senate vote on the Green New Deal and many Democrats are accusing the Republican of trying to sabotage the bill. Conservatives counter that allowing Democrats to vote on their own bill is what they should want, right?

The issue is that the Democratic Party is split between moderates and the far left. Far Leftist wants socialist policy, which is attached to the Green New Deal, and Moderates just want reasonable policy they can get done.

A vote on the Green New Deal will force Democrats to show which side of the line the stand on, and with more polls showing most Democrats want moderate policy it could hurt Democrats and further the split in the party.