Gavin McInnes BANNED From Youtube, And Now Every Platform (UPDATED)

Gavin McInnes BANNED From Youtube, And Now Every Platform.
Yesterday we heard that the Proud Boys Founder was removed from BlazeTV, formerly CRTV, for reasons that are unclear.

Over the past few months the proud boys and Gavin have been banned from various platforms. With Youtube banning him he has now been removed from every major social media platform.

However it appears that Gavin was banned for copyright issues so it is unclear if this is a legitimate ban or activists targeting him to push their censorship or people they don’t like

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White Males Become Minority Group, Get College Diversity Benefits. New recruitment drives have been launched to increase the number of white males at several UK universities as white men are now a minority group.

In an effort to increase diversity these institutions need to maintain a certain number of white men. However social justice, diversity, and feminist activists are upset as they don’t seem to understand what the rules they created do. If rules are created by feminism and social justice to maintain equality of outcome then this is the result when white men don’t enroll.

But why are men not going to college? Is it really about white men being oppressed or did they just go a different route?