German Nationalists Office Bombed, MASSIVE Hack Exposes Politicians

Two major incidents have just hit the news.
The first was that overnight an explosion hit the office for the German nationalist party “Alternative for Germany” in Saxony, police believe this was meant to harm people and was an escalation in political tensions. Many people speculate this was the far left targeting AFD.

However, alongside this was news of the largest cyber attack in Germany history. Politicians, celebrities, journalists, and even Angela Merkel had private information released to the public. But what made this alarming was that only the AFD was not victim to the leak.

This led people on the left to believe far right interests have perpetrated the hack.

For now, the only thing we know for sure is that political tensions are escalating.

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Patreon And The Rise Of Economic Censorship will have a much larger impact on independent creators than censoring speech will.
The good news is that Subscribe Star was able to pay me and many others out on time, they have fulfilled their obligation to me.

Unfortunately they still don’t have a payment processor so they cannot take in new donations for the time being, but this means the battle is half won and is really good news.

However the bad news is worse. Patreon is just the tip of the iceberg, we have heard that credit card processors are now targeting people to be banned as well as Paypal. This shows how at every level of the chain you can be censored.

To make matters worse we are now learning that Gab has been banned by Coinbase, meaning it will be much more difficult to process bitcoin revenue.

This means that Jordan Peterson and Dave Rubin’s solution using crypto currency may not be as effective. But its not out yet, this is just one account on one exchange so we will see what happens.