Journalist Says Far Left Is NOT Representative

Published November 5th, 2018 – Tim Pool

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Republicans Will Win Midterms, Polls Are Wrong at least in my opinion. Many people asked why the Democrats lost the 2016 election when polls shows them heavily favored to win. One reason is that people polled did not reflect the new republican base voting for Donald Trump.

I don’t think the polls were able to solve the problem of not reaching Trump’s base and because of that I think the Republicans will maintain a majority over Democrats in tomorrow’s election.

Also: (Tim Pool) – Study Says Trump Gave Democrats PTSD in 2016

Democrats Have Become So Weak Trump Gave Them PTSD in 2016. A new study shows that 25% of young people experienced symptoms of PTSD. This mostly affected Democrats for obvious reasons.

Democrats seem to be so weak they can’t even handle losing an election. How are they supposed to defeat Republicans if this is the reaction they have to normal politics in the US?

Losing an election is a common occurrence. If this is the response why should I believe they can win the Midterm today?