Left Wing Media Activist Email Leak Shows How They Deplatform Political Rivals

I recently received an email leak that I believe shows how activists working as journalists target their political rivals for deplatforming. Following the Vox controversy with Steven Crowder, or #VoxAdpocalypse, and mass censorship hitting youtube I found it pertinent to show how these activists in media operate and how they use framing devices to target people like conservatives and other political groups. The reporter in question has advocated for government regulation to restrict speech and I believe this shows her to be an activist acting to target and cause harm to political rivals.

The email was confirmed to me by Chase bank on two occasions and the contents of the email were referred to in my correspondence with Slate. While not directly confirming the email I believe this with Chase bank’s confirmation is sufficient to confirm the authenticity of the email.

UPDATE: Slate has provided an official comment “In the course of her reporting about banks providing financial services for 1776.shop, an e-commerce site associated with the Proud Boys, April reached out to those banks for comment about their policies of providing services to a designated hate group. In both her email and in the subsequent reporting, April provided important context and we stand by her reporting on this newsworthy topic.”

See Also: (Tim Pool) – Media Outlets Escalate WAR On Youtubers, Smear Philip Defranco As Far Right

Media Outlets Escalate WAR On Youtubers, Smear Philip Defranco. The war on youtube has been dramatically escalating in the past few weeks with Philip DeFranco getting the latest hit. So far we have seen the #VoxAdpocalypse as the biggest force in taking down small and independent creators but we also saw CNET write a hit piece on gaming channels resulting in a loss of advertisers. Now the latest story insinuates that Phil Defranco is “far right” and was part of a path to being made radical. However the story is mostly nonsense and their subject claims only to be a conservative.

Why then include Phil Defranco? In my opinion, so that far left and social justice activists can imply that Phil is a part of or associated with the far right. Even if it wasn’t intended to escalate they already have implied that Phil is far right even though I’m sure that the subject of the NYT story watched The Young Turks or other large Youtubers. For Vox’s Carlos Maza with Steven Crowder it was easy, he said naughty words, but Phil is a rather neutral commentator so whether intentional or not this could lay seeds for future activists to make claims about Phil and his politics.

The past few weeks should make it clear that there is an effort to destabilize youtube and target our channels and businesses. Also: (Tim Pool) – Ocasio-Cortez Flashes Far Right Hand Sign, Does She Deserve Context?

Ocasio-Cortez just flashed the Ok sign and of course no one cares. Why? We all know, especially Ocasio-Cortez, what the hand sign means right? Conservatives and Trump supporters have been accused of the worst for making the gesture. Innocent people playing the circle game have been banned and fired all because they didn’t know that trolls had staged a hoax.

But why would the far left and social justice activists now decide to ignore Ocasio-Cortez making the gesture? They pull out every stop to accuse people of being wrong or evil but when it comes to the new aristocrats they are allowed to break the rules.