Leftist Activist Journalism Class Canceled, Only Two People Signed Up

Controversy erupted a few months ago when it was announced that a far left activist who resigned from her job at the New Yorker would be teaching a journalism course at NYU. However, the class has now been canceled because only two people enrolled. As they say, Get Woke Go Broke These schools and companies think people want this woke leftist social justice activism but in reality they don’t. Not only that, Talia Lavin who was set to teach was a disgraced former fact checker. Why have someone who failed teach?

Other news in journalism getting woke and going broke is the Vox union demanding more from their employer while the company seeks to reduce costs. Even Vox writers presume their company’s value is decreasing but as so often happens, a collapsing company can’t pay workers well so workers revolt causing more harm to the company. Media layoffs would likely come soon if this story follows trends in media.

When these media companies decided to embrace woke politics they chased themselves off a cliff they can’t recover from. In order to stay alive they begin producing fake news and biased nonsense.

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Following a statement form Robert Mueller Democrats, far left activists, and progressives began escalating their call for the impeachment of Trump. While many are now acting like Mueller’s statement is what they needed to being proceedings to impeach President Trump the truth is that they have been using all sorts of weird reasons to claim they should impeach Trump.

Mueller basically reiterated everything he already said in his report and by speaking today only served to reignite the trashfire that is our news cycle and calls for impeachment. Also: (Tim Pool) – Ratings Collapse And Layoffs Are Making The Media Go Crazy

Media ratings are failing and as these companies become more desperate for views so they can make money they turn to far left activists to push ragebait content and nonsense. Vox recently published a video claiming that Fox news is in control of the political narrative. The only problem? You can easily fact check some of their claims to see they are not true. They claimed that Hillary’s email server was a non issue but Fox News pushed it so everyone else followed. Except it was the New York Times and the AP that pushed that story not Fox News.

CNN recently rushed to the defense of the democrats and nancy pelosi over a video they thought made her look bad. Why would they do that? It seems they are in desperate need for news and something that will enrage people. It worked. Delete Facebook started trending among outraged leftists.

It’s no surprise to hear that just the other day another story emerged about CNN layoffs coming