Leftist Activists Have Taken Over Journalism, Here Is Your Proof

Journalists working with mainstream outlets routinely use the threat of bad press to force companies into taking action. We have seen political activists aligned with the far left use or be given a platform to push a narrative in order to gain political ground. CNN has numerous activists working for them as do Buzzfeed, Vox, and Huffington Post. In fact CNN’s Oliver Darcy said it was media pressure that resulted in the banning of high profile right wing personalities.

The tactics employed by these journalists are not only aligned with the politics of the far left but often works in tandem with them to push an agenda. We can then see the lies and smears against many politics rivals or individuals like those in the Intellectual Dark Web.

Often we see these activists masquerading as journalists targeting the same people over and over and giving their names to tech companies hoping to see censorship.

Another side to this is the economic incentive of fake news. Activists in media push narratives to generate clicks and revenue. Unfortunately it won’t stop the collapse as media layoffs continue and journalists get fired.