Mass Censorship Hits Youtube In Wake Of The Vox Steven Crowder Battle

UPDATE: The Mass Censorship has dramatically escalated after the publishing of this video. Stay Tuned For An Update at at 6pm Mass Censorship Hits Youtube In Wake Of The Vox Steven Crowder Battle. Following Youtube’s defense of Steven Crowder they announced a mass purge of content as well as the restriction of ‘borderline’ content that doesn’t break any rules.

Following the campaign by Vox and Carlos Maza we are now learning that Youtube will be restricintg content but promoting ‘top news channels’ which I would assume includes Vox.

Youtube has bent the knee to far left agitators and social justice zealots. Though Steven Crowder is going to be permitted to stay it seems that most of us are close to the end of our days on Youtube.

Following the recording of this video I saw many youtubers axed from the partner program but who broke no rules. It seems like this will be a major victory for massive corporations. See Also: (Tim Pool) – Far Left Media Is Making Liberals Insane, This Data Proves It

Since the beginning of the 2010s there has been a dramatic increase in far left social justice terminology appearing in news articles. This coincides with the launch of many leftist media companies who saw a quick path to profit by enraging people on social media. The plan worked and according to Lexis Nexis data social justice and intersectional feminism began to skyrocket at media outlets.

The left then was inundated with constant content highlighting very specific ideological positions resulting in an every increasingly unhinged left.

Today we see the results censorship, demonetization, and physical conflict in the streets. As media was particularly hostile to conservatives from the get go it seems that this pushed moderates and conservative individuals into a space unto their own resisting the increasing unhinged rhetoric coming from these ragebait websites. What happened with Steven Crowder is inevitable as outrage culture is a proven tactic for gaining power.