MASSIVE Protest Erupt In China Over Covid Lockdown, Protesters DEMAND END To Xi Jinping Reign

Biden and The White House Condemned Chinese crackdown on protests. Rare and shocking protests erupted in China after zero covid policy resulted in the deaths of people including, reportedly, children. People across china are calling for the end of lockdowns and some even demanding Xi Jinping step down.
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Republicans revenge has begun and Democrats are furious. Meanwhile in AZ Kari Lake is vowing not to back down as even her detractors point out the problems in Maricopa are being understated by the press. Confidence in our system is breaking down and democrats know they can win without even campaigning. Katie Hobb basement strategy worked thanks to ballot harvesting.

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Biden could face impeachment as republicans begin challenge the biden family over disturbing criminal implications. Democrats are preparing a legal counter attack to defend against republican inquiries and committees but with the house majority the GOP will be able to file subpoenas and compel testimony same as democrats did. This could me democrats get arrested same as Steve Bannon for contempt of congress.