Mexican Protesters: “Trump Was Right, This Is An Invasion”

Mexican Protesters say “Trump Was Right, This Is An Invasion” as protests escalate in Tijuana.

Currently the migrant caravan is about 3,000 strong in Tijuana and residents are upset as more and more people show up everyday. We are starting to see protesters use Trump rhetoric calling for Tijuana first and for migrants to be sent home.

Trump has responded in agreement with the Mayor in the mexican city by saying it was an invasion and the US cannot support these people. At the same time some in the media are blaming Trump for the rhetoric and claiming that people are simply being influenced by Trump.

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DHS: “Migrant Caravan Mostly Men, Plan To Storm US Border.”
The largest US port of entry was closed as CBP worked to reinforce the border following intel from DHS that the migrant caravan was planning on storming the border to enter the US.

DHS also claims that the migrants are mostly men and not women and children and that they are harboring more than 500 criminals in their group.