Ocasio Cortez Faces Backlash For Comment on John McCain

John McCain has passed and many have voiced their respect for his lifetime of service. One of those people is Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez who called him an example of unparalleled human decency. But many on the far left are furious that Cortez would praise a man they call a “warmonger.”

Was Cortez being classy and honorable, or is she just playing politics to look good to the press?

Either way the far left is upset that she would say nice things about McCain regardless of her intention.


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News outlets are reporting that Fox news reporters have quit over “Trump” support and the direction of the network. However upon some digging you can easily see this is a lie. One reporter quit because he felt the network was doing too much opinion and there wasn’t enough funding for real journalism and another simply quit to spend time with his family.

The mainstream news reporting this have been caught lying but the question is why are they lying? Probably because they want partisan fuel, they want to smear Fox news and Trump as not being real news.

Unfortunately for them, Fox News is the number one cable network right now.