Pewdiepie, Elon Musk SMEARED By Desperate Mainstream Media

60 minutes edited an interview of Elon Musk to make him look bad and more smears come at Pewdiepie over his recommendation of another youtube channel.

The fake news stories are clickbait meant to drive traffic to a desperate mainstream media facing collapse. Not a day goes by we don’t hear about layoffs at another media company.

As they struggle to make money they target high profile people like Elon Musk and Pewdiepie so they can get traffic and make what little money they can as they lose relevance.

Make no mistake it will only get worse as these companies gasp and struggle for air.

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Two of his channels completely terminated for violating the community guidelines. It appears that at least one or two of the strikes on his channel were overtly false but Youtube disagrees and has maintained the channel termination is correct.

Mumkey makes dark comedy and sometimes offensive jokes but many of his videos were just documentary type content that was interesting and in no way offensive.

But social media censorship tends to go to the extreme when dealing with bad content. Instead of issuing warning creators often get hit all at once and have their channels and careers completely wiped out without warning.

Censorship will only get worse and we can see the sanitation of the internet happening all around us every day. Make no mistake it won’t stop here and eventually social justice activists themselves will be banned for being risky as well.

Also: (Tim Pool) – Patreon Alternative SubscribeStar Disabled Paypal Payouts Following Activist Outrage

UPDATE: There may be a promising solution, Substar just emailed me. Will update accordingly!
SubscribeStar Already Hit By Activist Outrage, Paypal Payouts FROZEN which means I likely will not be able to collect donations through SubscribeStar. The company said that they will get your money to you no matter what so we will see what happens.

Following the banning of Sargon of Akkad, aka Carl Benjamin, a few dozen creators moved to SubscribeStar. Shortly after that activists began posting and calling groups to action to target the service. Following this SubscribeStar removed Paypal from its website and no longer allows payouts with the service, claiming that Paypal had requested its removal.

Eventually all that will be left of these platforms