Russian Bot Narrative Completely EXPOSED As Fake News??

Evidence Suggests Massive Smear Against Republicans EXPOSED after new evidence as come to light.

The New York Times previously reported that Democratic operatives engaged in a false flag to smear Roy Moore in the Alabama Senate race. Initially the Chief executive of the company in question said “it doesn’t ring a bell” but later claimed it was just a research project.

But in a past tweet he directly pushed the false flag narrative using his “russian bot dashboard” as evidence.

If this has been outed as a smear on republicans then what about every other story which cites the Russian bot dashboard as evidence? At the very least ALL of these stories are now questionable and at worst completely fake news and propaganda.

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Patreon News Keeps Getting Worse, User’s Money FROZEN for ‘suspicious activity”

Following news about a user having his account suspended “in secret” a story in the New York Times emerged with statements from Jack Conte and their head of Trust and Safety. The statements seem to be directly antagonistic toward the community, specifically Sword and Scale, Dave Rubin, Me, and Sargon of Akkad.

They imply that Sargon broke the rules on their platform and Conte implies many of us are simply trying to generate support for a cause of some sort.

But all this is only made worse by the original story of a man who had his patreon account suspended without notice. He only found out because patreon had not paid him in about a month.