The Blue Wave Failed, Republicans Won Out Overall

Democrats Will Take the House and the GOP Sees Historic Senate Win. Not since Kennedy has a President’s party been able to gain this many seats in the Senate and hold a majority.

Though the Democrats should be very happy with their winning the House majority their gain was actually very slight. As of the making of this video Democrats only gained 27 seats. They needed 23 to gain a majority.

If this was a referendum on Donald Trump I would think that he passed with flying colors. Winning more Senate seats and Holding ground in governorships.

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Jim Acosta Is Not Doing Journalism, Has Press Access Revoked following an incident involving a White House intern. In a video Acosta can be seen resisting an intern who is trying to take the mic from him and bring it to an NBC reporter.

Tensions flared online as people debated whether Acosta crossed a line. In my opinion, he did but only because of his repeated behavior of arguing with Trump and making himself the story.

Jim Acosta will no longer be able to report on White House briefings unless they decide to return his press access