The Far Left Is Tearing Buzzfeed Apart, Staffer Leaks Audio of CEO

The Far Left Is Tearing Buzzfeed Apart, Staffer Leaks Audio of CEO. In the leak the CEO Jonah Peretti is talking about how leaks caused them to speed up the layoff process and caused undue stress for the staff. In a hilarious twist someone actually leaked a recording of him asking staff not to leak meetings.

But the people coming at Buzzfeed are not conservatives its the far left. The leftists are now accusing Buzzfeed of mostly targeting people of color and other marginalized writers in the layoff process.

Many of these leftist writers wrote on social justice and feminist issue as well pushing the idea that Buzzfeed is getting rid of the overly ideological or subgroup writers.

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About 250 people are expected to lose their jobs starting today which is about ten percent of VICE media’s workforce.

This comes almost immediately after Buzzfeed and Huffington Post laid off significant portions of their staff. For VICE The news is particularly bad as they have had their flagship show “VICE” canceled from HBO.

Far left, ragebait, “super woke” content doesn’t seem to work in the long run and many of these companies are looking to reduce staff in particular areas. Vice will see layoffs affect every division of the company however, not just digital media.