The Unhinged Left IS Becoming Mainstream, Even Bill Maher Has Had Enough

Maybe Trump broke the Democrats, maybe they just collectively lost their minds, or maybe social media is giving space to the rise of the unhinged left. Recently a former Democratic congressional candidate was arrest for throwing a drink at Republican Matt Gaetz. Why would a democratic candidate do this? Why is this unhinged behavior being promoted and encouraged on Twitter?

Bill Maher recently ran a segment telling Democrats to back away from the far left woke identity politics as its hurting them and that mainstream America has no idea what any of it is. Maher’s segment was meant to help Democrats reach regular Americans and win 2020.

But of course they won’t take the advice. The woke social justice journalism crowd is going off the rails and taking the modern left with it. Democrats have started pushing woke nonsense and it means nothing, will likely cost them in 2020. The fringe social justice types do not speak for regular Americans and their unhinged behavior is pushing liberals to the right wing

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