They’re LYING, Migrants Storming Border Are NOT Asylum Seekers

They’re LYING, Migrants Storming The US Border Are NOT Asylum Seekers. These people broke off from those actually being granted shelter and aid in an effort to illegally enter the US.

They refused asylum and refugee status in mexico, they refused job offers Mexico.

Yet still we see people on the far left and even politicians lying by trying to claim this group is refugees and asylum seekers when they are actually economic migrants.

Trump has characterized this as an invasion and many disagreed but with the group rushing the border, some waving the Mexican flag and throwing stones at law enforcement, it is becoming hard to argue against him.

See Also: (Tim Pool) – DHS Claims Migrants Used Women and Children As Human Shields

DHS Claims Migrants Used Women and Children As Human Shields while storming the US border. These claims may be hyperbolic but we have also heard from CBP that they have witnessed things that corroborate these claims.

DHS reported weeks ago that the migrant caravan was mostly men and was putting women and children in front of the group for good press, they also said the group would try to rush the border. Most of the claims, while maybe hyperbolic, have been proven or corroborated to some extent.

We now have more evidence as MSNBC reports the caravan is mostly economic migrants and not asylum seekers as many are trying to claim.