Tim Pool And David Pakman: Censorship and Free Markets

Tim Pool – Published May 7th, 2019
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CNN Drops Over A HUNDRED Staffers Amid Ratings Collapse. CNN has dropped over 100 staffers amid a ‘restructuring’ and a move to a new studio. We are also learning that VICE will end several of its brands and push them under the VICE.com umbrella. Lastly, Gizmodo network will see around 25 layoffs. CNN’s ratings have been in decline for a while with a loss of over 26% since last year to a new 4 year low. Following this news it is unsurprising we see CNN dropping so many staff members.

As these companies start fading away they become more like far left activists and less like journalists. Their stories become focused on rivals in the digital space in order to generate ratings and new subscribers. But the leftist social justice push isn’t working and these companies are on the way out. Far left media is taking a big hit as times change and they lose audience and this is just another story in the collapse of media.

Fox News on the other hand, while still losing viewers, is doing well with over 3M viewers in its primetime slots.