Trump Call To Release Migrants In Sanctuary Cities EXPOSES Far Left

Trump Call To Release Migrants Into Sanctuary Cities EXPOSES Far Left. In what may be one of the strangest turns liberal celebrity Cher, who had previously called for allowing Dreamers into our homes, expresses shock at the idea of Trump bringing illegal immigrants to sanctuary cities like Los Angeles. In an even more hilarious turn, Trump screenshots Cher and says he agrees with her!

The far left likes to conflate illegal immigrants with legal immigrants and conservatives feel like Trump is exposing the hypocrisy of the left by revealing they don’t find these people to be good for their communities.

But there have been far left calls for Trump to carry this plan out as it would protect them. In the end it seems that this is another example of Democrats wanting more moderate policy and not endorsing the far left. As we have seen the Democrat median is staying the same while the party keeps reaching further and further left. See Also: (Tim Pool) – Conservative Media Is DOMINATING, Far Left Media FAILING

Conservative Media Is DOMINATING, Far Left Media FAILING. Fox News hosted a town hall with Bernie Sanders which shocked the left and the right. But time and time again it seems Fox News is willing to bring on left wing, far left, regressive left, and even social justice activists to have conversations where as MSNBC and CNN often don’t allow adversarial opinions. As the left embraces regressive policies and refuses to engage moderates are looking for honest conversations. It seems that as time goes on the far left is either admittedly lying, like a Vox personality claimed they did, or refusing to engage in honest conversations.

MSNBC ratings couldn’t even break 100k viewers in the key demo and CNN struggled. Fox news ratings are often substantially higher than MSNBC and CNN and at the same time conservative news is absolutely dominating Facebook engagement.

It seems that the left is fractured in more than one way and Mainstream Media chasing after various far left narratives are destroying themselves.