Trump Files Lawsuit In Nevada, Alleges Dead People Voted, OUTRAGE As Unexplained Delays Stop Count

Trump campaign claims non residents voted and some mail votes were stolen. While Democrat Joe Biden makes gains in Nevada Trump’s camp has claimed that many votes were cast fraudulently. Rumors have been circulating of dead people having voted.

While we can’t confirm if this is true no one as of the recording of this segment has debunked the claim seen in many videos of people aged 118 or 120 had applied and voted.

It is seemingly Trump will need legal victories to carry several states and many are calling for investigations of suspicious videos and allegations

So far the results are still good for Republicans as they made gains in the house and seem poised to hold the senate.

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The media completely and totally failed us in every way. Trump has demanded that his campaign be given access to observe vote tabulations in Michigan and is suing to be granted access and halt the process until they get meaningful access.

He has also called for a recount though he will have to wait until the total is certified which could take a month.

Democrats had a terrible night and nancy pelosi is surely reeling from the loss of several seats in the house. Meanwhile Susan Collins claims victory proving that every single poll from the RCP average was wrong.

Republicans had a tremendous night and will likely keep control of the senate and make strong gains in the house.

Whether the president is joe Biden or Donald Trump will probably be going to the supreme court.