Trump Slams Google As Veritas Censorship Controversy Escalates

Donald Trump made a statement in the early morning regarding the Veritas censorship expose. He called for Google and Facebook to be sued for political bias and censorship against conservatives. Before this the press had been largely silent on the issue but with Trump comments he has forced the press to address the issue. While many still argue the story is face of such overwhelming evidence, we need only look back to 2018 for definitive proof.

Many outlets, such as the far left The verge, reported on a video showing Google cofounder Sergy Brin saying that he was deeply offended by the 2016 election and that Trump voters don’t share their values. This statement echoed the words seen by the google employee in James O’keefe’s Project Veritas expose.

Its all but confirmed not that deep within google lies a dark bias that they likely don’t even realize. If we want to be fair we can say simply that they are so blind to their bias they think that they are being rational, they aren’t. For now it seems that these big tech giants will continue to push social justice rhetoric and reject any attempt at regulation.

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Big Tech Is Purging Project Veritas For Exposing Their Corruption. Project Veritas is being systematically purged from various tech platforms following their continued work exposing Big Tech censorship. First they removed the pinterest expose, then Google censored the expose on them citing privacy. Veritas has been banned from Reddit and Now Vimeo following their continued investigations into silicon valley censorship and corruption.

Following this we still see media, such as CNN, insist there is no evidence that social media companies are biased against conservatives, but the evidence is now overwhelming. Jordan Peterson, Ben Shapiro, and PragerU have all been smeared in a leaked email advocating censorship. Also: (Tim Pool) – Google Email LEAKED, Proves Conservative Censorship At Youtube

UPDATE: After filming this segment I noticed the Veritas video was still live on Vimeo at a different link, it may have failed to load due to a bad link posted by Veritas on Twitter. I apologize for the error Google Email LEAKED, Proves Political Censorship At Youtube. Project Veritas has just published a leaked email proving political censorship was at least being entertained. The email targeted Jordan Peterson, Ben Shapiro, and PragerU and called on removing the ‘suggested feature’ which we learned was later throttled on Dave Rubin’s channel as well as all of my channels.

Following Veritas’ report Youtube even deleted the video in a shocking display of arrogance.

The censorship against conservatives and those who oppose the far left is confirmed at this point. An email making overt political statements and calling on censorship based on politics and the video exposing Google’s corruption was deleted seemingly to hide their wrong doing. They cited a third party privacy complaint but the women in the video worked for Google so that is clearly not true.

It would seem that we have reached a tipping point. Ted Cruz and Louie Gohmert have directly called out Google over these actions.

But will Democrats and Republicans come together to enact legislation to protect the commons and our Democracy? Also: (Tim Pool) – Tim Pool, Dave Rubin, PragerU CENSORED Youtube Insider Says

Youtube Insider Says Tim Pool And Dave Rubin CENSORED By Youtube. In a new expose Project Veritas shows documents as well as an interview with a whistleblower confirming that Google is suppressing certain political views. In the interview he says that Tim Pool (me) and Dave Rubin are being suppressed on youtube. Other Google employees express far left social justice opinions and state they don’t want another “Trump situation” and want to impose their view of ‘fairness’ on Google.

But my channel is doing better than ever. My views are up, my subscriptions are up, my recommendations are slightly up in some areas but all in all I don’t have any data showing that Youtube is suppressing me. In fact based on my discussions with Google it seems the opposite is true, Youtube is helping me.

Regardless of whether Youtube suppresses my content or not Google should not be meddling in elections and its about time congress got together and started trying to solve this problem.