“Woke” Far left Pandering BACKFIRING On Democrats, Joe Biden

Pandering To The “Woke” Far left BACKFIRES On Democrats. Joe Biden is facing criticism from the far left and from the right. While conservative and republican critique of Biden is to be expected as he is running as a Democrat, the far left joined in because they feel he is pandering by referencing Charlottesville. Democrats have been increasingly split among the “woke” and the moderate. Biden is viewed as a centrist Democrat and the far left “social justice warriors” would, in all likelihood, not support him. But he has to try to get as many votes as possible so he is pandering to at least some degree of “wokeness.”

It won’t work and it is already backfiring as many people on the far left feel he is not being genuine.

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Censorship BACKFIRES On Far Left AGAIN, But They STILL Demand More. A left wing activists reporter was suspended on Twitter for posting an image of a “right wing” personality. This is something we see over and over. The people calling for these new social media censorship rules are the ones who keep hearing “dog whistles” and calling them out. But context is irrelevant to a robot or someone not familiar with our culture so like clockwork these same activists get banned for talking about it.

Meanwhile those who are truly vile will just change how they speak and stop posting certain images meaning.

When the far left social justice types demand censorship of these people in all likelihood it will be THEM getting censored. While conservatives are more likely to get banned in most cases we often see the same activists who demand social media censorship hit with their own rules

And even though it KEEPS Happening they don’t learn.