Astrology for the Soul March 2, 2022

I am a spark that will light the flame, So the torch of freedom can rise again, Lighting the way to Spirit Land, Where we all dance hand in hand.

So yes, we’ll see a shift in the energy today with the new Moon and Mercury passing (finally) Saturn, but Saturday, things are gonna take off! Both The Sun conjunct Jupiter AND Venus and Mars, both moving into wild and crazy Aquarius, bespeak a speeding and lightening energy. Yes, there may be too much and too rapid a shifting going on that then turns it into trauma, but if you have your seat belt fastened and are ready to catapult yourself to a new level of awareness, this could be your time! As I mentioned in the report, I speak more about these changes in this month’s Lunar Planner, which you can get emailed to you with the weekly Pele Report and more words from me. This week’s Planner is here:, and to get the newsletter every week, go here: It is a very confusing time with so much up in the air, and I swear that the only way to make sense of what is happening is through a consistent, determined, routine, spiritual practice. Done daily (especially every morning), it’s like coming home. Blessings on your journey!